Articles and texts are to be posted to the following address:

Faculty of Educational Studies
Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań
ul. Szamarzewskiego 89
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or to the email address of the magazine's secretary Jarema Drozdowicz PhD:
The editorial board is asking the authors to conform to the following rules:
- Times New Roman font size 12 (footnotes size 10)
- space 1,5
- text adjusted to the left and right margin
- pages numbered with Arabic numbers
- black color of the font
Articles are to be provided with a short abstract with a list of key words. Texts have to include literature and footnotes with a one system of numbers through out the whole text. Works cited are to use the following pattern:
- Books:
V. J. Williams Jr., "Rethinking Race. Franz Boas and His Contemporaries", The University Press of Kentucky, Lexington 2006
- Articles:
F. Baldissera, Telling Bodies, Paragrana. Internationale Zeitschrift für Historische Anthropologie, 2009, Band 18, Heft 1, p. 93-106.
- Texts published in magazines with the character of edited works are to be treated as articles
- Texts in edited works:
J. Clammer, Colonialism and the Perception of Tradition in Fiji, [in:] Anthropology & the Colonial Encounter, T. Asad (ed.), Ithaca Press, New York 1973 p. 199-220.
- Unpublished works:
J. Drozdowicz, Pomiędzy ladino a indio. Współczesne oblicze samoidentyfikacji Majów w Gwatemali, unpublished MA thesis, Poznań 2002.
- Internet sources have to include the initial of the author's name and full last name, title in italics, address of the web page and the date of the entry
- footnotes may include Latin abbreviations such as ibidem, op. cit, etc.

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