"Culture-Society-Education" is a scientific journal published at the Faculty of Educational Studies of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań twice a year. The journal exists since 2012. Articles are being published in Polish and English, as well in other congress languages. Each article includes a title and an abstract in English. Also the journal's web page has an English version. The editorial board of the journal includes a statistical and linguistic editors. The editorial board includes also editors in specific subjects. The review procedure is published in each issue of the journal, as well in the journal's web page. The procedure is concordant with the recommendations of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education included in the act of "Good practices in review procedures in science" from 2011. Sending an article for publishing to the editorial board is identical with the author's agreement with the review process. The editorial board reserves the right for formal evaluation of the texts received. Articles and texts received by the journal are being reviewed by two reviewers, who are not members of the editorial board. The reviewers are independent research employees and are not employed in the same institution, which publishes the journal. Texts received are always sent for reviewing to a different institution, than the author is employed in. The review procedure is absolutely anonymous according to the rules of the "double blind review" (authors and reviewers do not know each others names). Authors are always informed about the review's outcome. The editorial board applies also a safety procedure protecting from the phenomenon of "ghostwriting" by the requirement of a written statement on each author's contribution if a particular text has more then one author. It is required to state who is the author of the theoretical (concepts and research ideas) and methodological part (statistics or other research tools). The editorial board takes actions to perfection the procedure through the use of further tools, making the mentioned phenomenon impossible to apply. It takes also actions to include in the journal's web page shortened versions (as abstracts) of the articles published in each issue.

Call for Papers: Educational discourse in a interdisciplinary perspective - discussions and research practices

 "Culture-Society-Education" invites authors to submit their articles for publication in a special issue of the journal related to the educational discourse edited on thos occassion by prof. dr hab. Helena Ostrowicka (Kazimierz Wielki University). The aim of the special issue is to promote diverse theoretical and methodological perspectives in the studies on the educational discourse. Interdisciplinarity, that is characteristic for the discourse analysis, contributes to the creation of research and publication projects in which the propositions coming form different academic disciplines come together. Simultanously, a constant reflection upon the content of the category in the title seems to be needed if "interdiscipolinarity" has to bring in a new quality and not being simply a "word that opens all the doors" or a strategy for the legitimization of chaos in terminology and methods. In the light of the above we invite the researchers on educational discourse to co-create this issue through presenting diverse philosophical and theoretical inspirations as well methodological solutions. We also would like to see texts having an empirical character based on own research and presenting how this interdisciplinarity is being exppressed in a particular research project. Text submitted for publication in the specal issue are to be send to the email adress of Jarema Drozdowicz, the journal's secretary: drozd23@wp.pl.

Submissions are to be sent with the marking "educational discourse". Final deadline is 31st of March 2017. Planned publication - issue 1/2017.

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