Publication ethics are complimentary with COPE guidelines

In order to maintain the highest editorial standards the board of the journal "Culture-Society-Education" sets the following rules in regard to the issue of publications ethics:

For the editorial board:

1. The board undertakes every possible effort to realize the review process accordingly with the legal norms related to authorship

2.The board commits to take into consideration in the publishing process the ethical norms related to the issue of equality and to countermeasure various forms of discrimination

3. The board commits to maintain all possible standards on the field of privacy policy and discretion, like for example the protection of personal data of authors, reviewers and members of the editorial board itself

4. The board commits to further perfect the ethical standards in the field of publishing and review procedure as the journal is being developed as well to maintain the rule of academic freedom

5. Accepted papers are being treated by the board with fully professional approach and every single one of them undergoes the same review procedure

6. The review procedure applied here is based on the mechanism of a double blind review

7. The editors of the journal are obliged to point out potential conflicts of interests occurring between authors and reviewers. In this type of cases the editorial board of the journal should undertake all possible precautions to avoid such conflicts

8. All responsibility for and the right to accept or reject submitted texts remains in the hands of the editorial board

For the reviewer:

1. The reviewer reviews the text solely on the basis of its merit content and/or workshop

2. The reviewer commits to maintain the rule of privacy in regard to the evaluated texts

3. The reviewer by signing the review contract commits to submit to the editorial board the review by his/hers authorship in agreed time and accordingly to the reviewer's form delivered by the editorial board

4. The reviewers are obliged to immediately inform the editorial board about spotted text fragments or its other elements suggesting the issue of plagiarism

For the author:

1. The authors of submitted texts are obliged to deliver a list of affiliations or eventually sources of financing (if such occur in the presented research)

2. The authors are obliged to accept the journal's zero tolerance policy in relation to the issue of plagiarism and presentation of false research evidence

3. It is prohibited for authors to publish the same research in other journals and the ext submitted by them to the editorial board has to maintain a genuine new character

4. The authors of submitted texts are obliged to accept the review procedure proposed by the journal, as well to implement the corrections suggested by the reviewers

5. If an article has more than one author the person submitting the text is obliged to deliver to the editorial board an information indicating which one of the authors is responsible for what part of the text. Furthermore, all data included in the text has to be authentic and plausible

6. The authors do implement in the text the information on sources used accordingly with the standard of citation and bibliography as presented by the editorial board

7. The author through the submission of the text for publication accepts the policy of "ghostwriting" phenomenon counter measuring described in the rules of review procedure by the editorial board at the journal's website



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