Problems tackled in the scientific papers included in the magazine are being put in a strictly global discourse over a temporal multidimensionality of contemporary society and the condition of the modern man, who’s living in a ambiguous and ambivalent global reality, forced to search for his place in a continuously constructed multicultural reality. A global cultural ecumene determines also an unconventional view on education in global conditions. Modern discourse over the quality of education, including the multiplicity of socio-cultural contexts of changes occurring in the world should favor the ability to design educational actions for the shaping of a pro-developmental society sharing a general education. Therefore a sine qua non condition should be an understanding of the essence of the transformation taking place in the educational field. Papers included, shall contribute to a general reflection and be simultaneously an invitation to a discussion on the participation of individuals in global culture, with a special emphasis on remarks over a necessary evolution of education in global conditions.

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